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Introduction To WhosOn

Introduction To WhosOn

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Introduction To WhosOn

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WhosOn is designed to track visitors on your website in real time and to allow operators within your organization to interact with those visitors via live chat and proactive engagement. In addition to live visitor tracking WhosOn also provides historical reporting of visitor activity, chat sessions and operator activity.


This 'Installable' Edition of WhosOn runs completely self contained your own server (this does not have to be the same machine that hosts your web sites). No third party services are required, so there are no on-going costs. If you own or operate a web site, or if you run a web server (either hosting your own web sites, or providing hosting services) we are sure you will find WhosOn an invaluable visitor interaction solution.


WhosOn provides the following core functions:


Live Visitor Statistics

WhosOn gives you a real time view of your web site visitor activity. You can watch visitors arrive at your site and move from page to page in real time. You can see where they came from (the Referrer), and specific data about the visitor, such as Country & City, Organization, Browser, Operating System and Reverse DNS. You can see if the visitor has been to your site before – and if so details of each previous visit. All this information is updated before your eyes in real time allowing operators to engage visitors whilst still on the site.



WhosOn will display the visitors actual location, giving Country, State and City. It will also optionally show the Organization name. This is done in real time as visitors hit your site. This is very useful for marketing allowing you watch for specific businesses on your site and even contact them via phone as they browse. See: GEO-IP


Historical Traffic Analysis

Whilst providing real time views of your visitor activity, WhosOn updates a database of Visits, Visitors, Page Views, and Referrers etc. You can run reports on this database using the included Windows or Web based Charts & Reports tool.  A collection of traffic analysis reports are included, plus you can create your own. You can also access the database from many third-party reporting tools. WhosOn can also automatically send you daily, weekly and monthly traffic analysis reports. See: Charts & Reports


Live Visitor Chat

WhosOn allows your website visitors to chat to operators within your organization in real time.  This enables you to provide live sales & customer support directly on your site.  Whilst chatting, operators can instantly see details of the visitors visit (what pages they have looked at) and their previous visits and chat sessions. Operators can ‘push’ pages to the visitor to help direct them to the correct part of your site.


Skills Based Chat Routing & Chat Queuing

WhosOn has been designed to work with large numbers of operators. Advanced features such as automatic chat routing based on skill sets, selection of skills based on pre-chat surveys and visitor properties and advanced queuing and chat allocation based on least busy algorithm make WhosOn an ideal choice for larger organizations. See: Skills Based Chat Routing & Chat Queuing


Proactive Visitor Engaging - Manual & Automated

WhosOn enables you to proactively engage with your visitors in real time. You can send 'invite' requests to any of your visitors whilst they are browsing your site. The Invite appears as a floating message across the visitor's browser. The visitor can click the invite to start a chat session. You can send graphical invites (using any GIF file you like) or custom text messages. Each visitor can be sent their own personalized message. WhosOn can automatically send Invite requests when certain conditions are met, for example, when a Prospect is detected or when visitors arrive at your site that match a certain set of conditions.


Co-Browse & Remote Control

In addition to being able to watch visitors move through your site, you can also view a preview of the actual page a visitor is currently on (co-browse). Co-browse is a standard feature of all editions of WhosOn. An optional add-on feature called 'Remote Control' is also available. During a Live Chat session the WhosOn Operator can ask the visitor if they would like to start a desktop sharing session. If the visitor accepts, the operator will be able to see and control the visitors desktop. The operator can then help the visitor complete their checkout process, or help with any computer related matter. See: Remote Control


Live Chat Translation

Visitors can chat to operators within your organization using their own language. WhosOn will translate the chat text in real time in both directions. Live Translation is an optional premium service that requires the purchase of translation 'credits'. See: Real Time Translation


Live Click To Call Back

WhosOn enables your visitors to request a 'call back' from your web site. The visitor enters there contact information on a simple form provided by WhosOn. WhosOn then informs operators within your organization at the correct time that they need to call the visitor. WhosOn can also integrate with Skype VOIP to actually make the call if you have Skype installed. See: Implementing Visitor Click To Call Back


Prospect Detection

Prospect Detection allows you to focus on visitors to your site that are potential customers. You can define sets of rules and key pages that when viewed a visitor will be flagged as a 'Prospect'. This can be over multiple visits. WhosOn then credits the first referrer with the prospect. This allows you to track advertisement ROI much more accurately than traditional hit counts. See: Site Settings - Prospect Detection


Customer Support Ticketing

WhosOn includes a complete real-time support ticketing application allowing you to escalate live chat sessions to an email based ticketing system. Tickets can be distributed to WhosOn users based on an automated skills-based ticket assignment rules. In addition to being submitted during chat sessions, tickets can be submitted via a web-form and imported from incoming emails. See: Ticketing


Remote Access

Using the WhosOn Client you can view live stats, receive real-time error reports and chat to your visitors remotely from the WhosOn Server. Multiple Clients can be connected to a single WhosOn Server. The Client works via a secure TCP/IP connection using your internal network or via the Internet.  See: The WhosOn Client


You can also access live stats & visitor reports via a browser interface. See: Charts & Reports - Web Based.


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